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New Conservative Movement

A group for Americans who support the New Conservative Movement, carrying on the work of 2016 independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin to promote a new generation of leadership based on respect for all people, conservative ideas, and commitment to American values.

Media Bias Ratings | All Sides

See issues and political news with news bias revealed. Non-partisan, crowd-sourced technology shows all sides so you can decide.

New Column: Burst Your Bubble | The Guardian

This excellent column by Jason Wilson is a weekly round-up of the five best conservative articles for progressives to read. The premise? That understanding doesn't always have to mean agreeing, and that conservatives provide valuable insights into the same issues that concern liberals.

It's time for non-profit media organizations | The Politic

Profit-journalism has failed to uphold news as a public good.

Watch: Erica Chenoweth | TEDxTalks

Studies show that no government can withstand pressure from 3.5% of its population—that's 11 million people in the U.S.

Erica Chenoweth, Ph.D., is a leading international expert in nonviolent civil disobedience. Her studies of nonviolent movements throughout history reveal what makes nonviolence so effective in creating positive political and social change.

Living Room Conversations

When we have authentic, respectful conversations we strengthen our relationships and advance our understanding of the challenges, opportunities and solutions before us.

Living Room Conversations begin with two people of differing perspectives. Each person invites two more friends for a total of six participants. The idea is to assemble a group of people with diverse outlooks to have a rich, meaningful conversation that actually gets somewhere.

Watch: America's Far White | Viceland

Jamali Maddix travels to meet members of the National Socialist Movement, the largest Neo-Nazi group in America, who openly idolize Adolf Hitler and are fans of all things White Power.

Stand Up Republic Environment

A growing Facebook group exploring healthier, small-scale approaches to addressing environmental concerns. Diving into cutting edge topics like holistic land management, this group goes beyond partisan politics and big agribusiness by empowering local communities to reclaim stewardship of the earth. Today more than ever, conservatives and liberals alike are mobilizing to strengthen local solutions to climate change.


It's time to level the playing field so all voters have a voice in American democracy. 

The way we currently vote limits our choices for leaders and fails to hold them accountable to the communities they represent. We need a way to elect candidates who represent the will of the people. The best ideas should decide who wins, not the biggest bank accounts or outdated electoral rules.

FairVote researches and advocates for solutions that give voters more voice and greater choice in their elections.

Meet the evangelicals trying to make the GOP care about refugees | Vox

For evangelicals like Jenny Yang, a pro-life ethic means fighting for refugees.