We are a new kind of online community of conservatives and liberals working together to move our country forward.



What started as a loose coalition of #NotMyPresident organizers has since grown into a network of thousands of conservative and liberal organizers and volunteers. We first made headlines back in November after releasing the data of hundreds of Republican electors. That data helped fuel a nationwide movement to convince Republican electors to send their vote to the House, where elected officials could review Russian intelligence briefings and make a more informed decision for the public. We got close—closer than most people will ever know—but in the end we didn't succeed.

That's what "they" say, anyway. We know better. By uniting in the Electoral College movement we created a powerful post-partisan network of the most principled Americans I know, with an unprecedented drive to create historic change together. It's an exciting new movement we're just beginning to unleash, with new data-driven campaigns in the works to connect movement leaders and activists across the political spectrum. And we invite you to join us.

What We've Learned Along the Way

It's an ongoing learning process figuring out how to untangle decades of miscommunication and polarization, and we get closer every day. Overhauling our rigged political system has become America's new favorite pastime. We're all working to rebuild our parties, empower principled new leaders, and mobilize our communities towards upcoming elections. And as we continue to explore the intersections of our separate goals and projects, I'm learning that there is even more common ground to be found out there—all you have to do is ask and listen. Our mission is to help others realize it's possible, and clear a path to the changes we all want to see in 2018.