UNITE FOR AMERICA (official psa)

DEC.14.2016 » Martin Sheen and a cache of celebrities have a message for Republican electors

The Unite for America PSA featuring Martin Sheen and more reached over a million views overnight, was seen in 6 million homes as a national TV ad, and even inspired this Saturday Night Live skit.


Photograph » Michael Parmelee


DEC.17.2016 » Democratic Elector Levi Guerra interviews Republican Elector Kris Kimball (2 min.)

Sitting down with Democratic Elector Levi Guerra, Utah Republican Elector Kris Kimball talks about the restrictions the state of Utah has in place to force her to serve as a rubber stamp and prevent her from voting her conscience. Kimball voted for Ted Cruz in the primaries while Guerra, a Bernie Sanders supporter, was among the first Democratic Electors to join the Hamilton Electors movement to stop Trump.