tedxtalks: the 3.5% rule

It's long been said that no government can withstand pressure from 5% of the population. New research suggests that the threshold may actually be even lower.

A message for electors

It was an historic Hail Mary attempt to stop Trump in the Electoral College, ending in demonstrations across all 50 states. Martin Sheen's PSA pushed the movement into the zeitgeist.

Is Trump Mentally stable?

We interviewed an expert in clinical psychology regarding concerns about the mental stability of Donald Trump.

The Hamilton Electors

Republican elector Kris Kimball discusses the restrictions states put in place to keep electors from voting their conscience.

OUR forgotten history

A harrowing perspective from a lifelong Christian who recalls the brutal intolerance of Russia growing up.

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the first 100 days: what to expect

The Heritage Foundation is a right-wing think tank, and has been the predominant policy-shaper for the Republican Party for the past four decades. Read their "Blueprint for the New Administration" for an idea of what changes to expect in the first 100 days of Trump's presidency and beyond.