One of Our Own Is Running: Mark Pinsley for PA State Senate

Mark Pinsley was a first-time activist when he joined our campaign to block Trump's inauguration. After starting the UFA Pennsylvania state chapter and knocking on thousands of doors through rain, sleet and snow, he became the first Democrat in 25 years to be elected South Whitehall Township Commissioner.

Today he is on the ballot for PA State Senate, fighting against a deeply entrenched Republican incumbent.

On May 9 at 8pm ET, Mark will have his first live interview on The Young Turks to get three big ideas on the agenda for his state — and the country:

  1. The American Anti-Corruption Act. Citizens around the country are going around politicians to pass the Anti-Corruption Act using ballot initiatives. Mark is the first candidate in his state to support introducing a statewide version of the act, since PA doesn't have a ballot initiative process.
  2. A rapid transition to 100% clean energy. Pennsylvania is the second-largest fracking state after Texas. But because of the geography of the Marcellus Shale, Mark's district doesn't frack and can lead the movement to 100% clean energy.
  3. Universal healthcare. Mark is pro-single payer, and the state recently began experimenting with all-payer which lets insurers team up with the government and use the Medicare rate for everyone — just like single-payer but without the need to raise taxes.

Can you help Mark by adding your signature to say you support these ideas before he goes on TYT?

Tell Mark's opponent and the GOP that we want leaders who will take bold steps to address the radical problems we now face.

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