ACT NOW: 50 invalid Republican electoral votes discovered – TELL CONGRESS TO OBJECT

UPDATE » UFA has just confirmed House Representative Barbara Lee (D-CA) has agreed to file an objection against electoral votes tomorrow (Jan. 6) if we can find ONE Senator to join her. These are the top Senators to contact:
Sen. Al Franken (D-MN / 202.224.5641)
Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY / 202.224.6542)
Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT / 202.224.2823)
and YOUR local Democratic Senator

This is massive. Late last night a bombshell report was released by a team of legal experts uncovering over 50 Republican electoral votes for Trump that cannot be certified because they were cast in direct violation of state and federal law:

  • 16 Republican electors lived outside the congressional districts they represented
  • 34 additional Republican electors held dual offices as a presidential elector and a state official

The report also finds 16 Democrat electoral votes that were cast in direct violation of election laws.


Tomorrow, January 6, Congress will meet to count and certify all the electoral votes, officially finalizing Donald Trump as the President-elect. Their job is to ensure the votes have been "regularly given" and "lawfully certified." Just one Senator and one Representative from Congress are needed to file an objection against illegal votes to open the floor for debate. This could change the outcome of the election.

UFA has confirmed at least 2 House Representatives who are willing to object tomorrow, Barbara Lee (D-CA) and Jackson Lee (D-TX), as well as 9 Senators who are receptive, but they need to hear from you TODAY if they're going to act.


Call BOTH of your members of Congress. You can find their contact information by either calling the Capitol Operator (202-224-3121) or looking up their phone number at

Tell both members of Congress that you want them to object illegal electoral votes on Friday. Tell them that if they don't object it will be clear to you that they are not committed to doing their job in upholding our Constitution, our laws, and the integrity of our elections—and that they will not get your vote when they are up for reelection. Here are various call scripts you can use:

These are the states where Republican violations happened, but you can ask any Senator or Representative from any state to file an objection against any votes: Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, West Virginia


It's possible in theory, but it would require the new Republican-led Congress to sustain all of the objections. This would bring Trump's electoral count below 270, and the House would then immediately vote for president out of the top 3 candidates with the highest electoral counts: Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, or the highly-respected General Colin Powell, who received 3 electoral votes.

The fact that even ONE electoral vote was knowingly cast in direct violation of our laws is the final slap in the face to our democracy. Regardless of what happens, we must tell our elected officials TODAY that their dirty election practices end now. Any Congress member that does not object to these blatantly undemocratic votes on Friday has neither the spine nor the moral compass to hold office.

Grassroots activists like you stopped the Office of Congressional Ethics bill yesterday in just three hours by flooding congressional offices with calls. Let's do it again today.

We're close: 10 House members will object faulty votes, need one Senator

We're close: 10 House members will object faulty votes, need one Senator

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