The First 100 Days: UFA to Convene National Summit

The First 100 Days: UFA to Convene National Summit

The first 100 days of Trump’s administration will be the most destructive, and our response during that time must be at its most intense.

This spring, Unite for America will convene leaders from across the anti-Trump movement in an historic national summit to lay out a path forward in combating Trumpism.

Unite for America is now in early planning discussions with conservative and liberal leaders for this crucial national gathering, and a full announcement will be made in the coming weeks. By gathering our diverse leaders on one neutral platform, Americans will be able to explore the many sides of the movement, discuss shared and historic values that intersect communities across the political spectrum, and address the systemic failures in our electoral process and the two parties that contributed to this election.

As the 2017 and 2018 elections approach, we need to make it clear: any candidates who do not show a backbone against Trump and put principles before party will be replaced by those who do.

Donald Trump has assaulted free speech, the free press and our Constitution. His “un-American” administration goes against the very core values on which our country was founded—that all men were created equal and the right to free and fair elections not least among them.

Here are the top 10 reasons Donald Trump is dangerous for America:

  1. Trump is coordinating explicitly or implicitly with Russia, a hostile foreign power, and possibly being manipulated by it. And, he likely would not hold the Presidency without that power’s interference in the US election.

  2. Trump is ignorant of the complexities of foreign policy and diplomacy, refuses to listen to career experts and the US intelligence services, and has already greatly exacerbated tensions with potential adversaries and in crisis zones, risking hard-won peace. 

  3. Trump is willing to lie openly to the public, proclaim falsities as truth, and then admit it later, regularly. He says this is an acceptable campaign tactic in order to get elected yet shows no understanding that as President he cannot do so and still honorably serve the people. 

  4. Trump campaigned on a promise to “drain the swamp” in Washington, DC, but his cabinet appointments have been a who’s-who of candidates with questionable ethics and conflicts of interests from billionaires and/or major party donors without demonstrable qualifications.

  5. Trump from his first day in office is in violation of the Emoluments Clause of the US Constitution regarding the potential for foreign influences due to financial ties. This clause has been treated in the past as equally important as the requirement to be a natural-born citizen or above a certain age in order to serve as President. On a directly related note, Trump has refused to release his tax returns as has all other Presidents in the modern era, making it even more difficult to judge his financial behavior and his conflicts of interest.

  6. Trump is not behaving as a President for all Americans but rather one whose strategy for political power is based on dividing some Americans from others on the basis of race, religion, gender, and country of origin, among other differences.

  7. Trump attacks and bullies private citizens and companies who criticize or offend him.

  8. Trump threatens and bullies the press and seems to have no concept of the need for a thriving and independent press as key to American democracy.  His attitude toward other core American Constitutional rights and democratic traditions seems equally casual and circumstantial as it suits and benefits him.

  9. Trump is clearly and objectively not qualified for the tasks involved in the Presidency and the level of knowledge, curiosity, and intellectual complexity involved in doing the job.

  10. Trump lost the popular vote for the Presidency be almost 3 million votes, barely won the electoral college based on a razor-think margin in a few battleground states, may not have legally won the electoral college due to a disqualifying number of invalid electoral college votes, and yet claims to have won a mandate to govern as if he won in a landslide.

There’s no telling what catastrophes the Trump administration will unleash in the next 100 days, but we can count on the fight ahead being equally unprecedented. Consider making a $3 contribution today to keep the fight going.

View the UFA Inauguration Livestream Schedule

View the UFA Inauguration Livestream Schedule