Unite for America will lead post-partisan movement to reform elections

December 21, 2016In response to Monday's Electoral College results, Unite for America national organizers released the following statement:

After Donald Trump's confirmation by the Electoral College on Monday, Unite for America, a post-partisan action network formed in the wake of the 2016 Presidential Election, remains highly energized by the widespread bipartisan support among Electors and grassroots organizations to stop Trump. The demonstrations that took place across 50 state capitals and the historic number of disaffected Republican and Democratic Electors sent a powerful message: Donald Trump may have won the Electoral College, but he has not won our country.

A total of fifteen Electors either resigned, refused to attend proceedings, or voted or attempted to vote their conscience on December 19th—the most our country has seen defect in one election in over a century. Together, activists from both sides of the aisle have raised important questions about our elections and revealed Donald Trump's unprecedented unpopularity both inside and outside of his own party. 

Since uniting behind the long-shot effort to persuade Electors to dump Trump, the grassroots community is now stronger and more organized than ever. National and local communities from across the political spectrum are now working in concert to fix the underlying conditions that led to this election. As we look toward the 2018 midterms, one thing is clear to all: If we are to have any hope of rebuilding the parties and country decimated by this election, we must immediately reclaim and repair our broken political system.

To that end, UFA is preparing a post-partisan movement to demand significant election reform leading up to the 2018 midterm elections. Policy demands and strategy are now being developed with a growing coalition of conservative and liberal grassroots partners. Policies being explored in preliminary discussions include overturning Citizens United, expanding fusion voting and ranked voting practices, equal airtime during campaigns, and Electoral College “restoration,” including ending unconstitutional laws that allow state parties to coerce citizens out of voting their conscience.

Additional efforts are also underway to further challenge Trump's legitimacy in the coming months. A new petition created by Americans Take Action is calling for Congress to begin official hearings regarding Trump's business conflicts of interest and his ties to Russia, which are grounds for impeachment if found guilty. Organizers are calling for all citizens to contact their representatives to demand hearings.

A big thanks to the incredible team of volunteers and allies, including the Hamilton Electors, Electors Choose, December 19, Democracy Spring, Evan McMullin grassroots supporters, and many more who gave their services, their support, and many sleepless nights to this campaign. Unite for America looks forward to continued collaboration in the battles to come.

Let us now take this formidable momentum to enact meaningful change and move full steam ahead. A new dawn for post-partisan politics is on the horizon. Will you join us?

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