Unity vigils launch in state capitols nationwide before Electoral College vote

Since Texas Republican elector Christopher Suprun's announcement denouncing Trump on December 5, Unite For America allies within the Electoral College have been in talks with multiple electors seeking public support and legal counsel in denying Trump their vote on December 19.

Grassroots action groups, organizers, and communities nationwide are organizing peaceful vigils and unity rallies outside state capitol buildings to help set in motion a historic movement to deny an unqualified candidate the nation's highest office.

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Organizers call for attendees to wear purple this week as a sign of unity and courage for electors to vote their conscience for a different candidate, but do not claim to have a consensus agreement on which candidate electors should chose instead.




Thousands of Americans will descend on the steps of the Washington Memorial for a "gathering of the communities" rally and unity vigil organized by #Turnout and Unite For America DC. The event will feature speeches from across the political spectrum, unified in agreement that Donald Trump's presidency and Russia's influence on his administration are a threat to our national security. Speakers include Texas Republican elector Christopher Suprun and Standing Rock activist Jordan Marie Daniel, member of the Kul Wicasa Oyate/Lower Brul Sioux Tribe. For a full list of speakers, visit

"Getting the myriad voices together who make up this movement in one place is such a critical step to forming a united message for the electors," said #Turnout organizer John McGrane. "Our message here is that regardless of our political differences, if this presidency is allowed to take place it will impact us all. They must do the right thing."




Peaceful vigils will begin at sundown outside state capitols leading up to December 19. These will culminate in elector support rallies on December 19, when the Electoral College meets to cast their ballots. Attendees are asked to wear purple and bring purple candles, glowsticks and banners as a symbol of unity and bravery for electors.

Unite For America lead organizer Jon Gedney released the following statement:

"The only way to stop a candidate who succeeded by exploiting our division as a country is to come together now in our nation's darkest hour. Donald Trump's cavalier disregard for statesmanlike behavior, Russia's blatant interference over his candidacy in order to incite civil unrest, and his unprecedentedly unqualified and hateful administration are not only an affront to our core values as Americans, but are also a clear threat to our national security.

"The heavy task falls now on the Electoral College to safely resolve the Presidential Crisis. Flood the streets with purple this week as a sign of unity and courage for Republican electors to abstain or vote for an alternative president. Only thirty-seven Republican patriots are needed to step up for America. We hope these peaceful vigils remind them that the decision they make on December 19th will forever define us as a nation."

Unite For America is a national movement of concerned citizens and communities, brought together in the wake of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Crisis. We are united in our patriotic desire to work together to preserve the security and peace of our country and the world. Join us at

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