Dear Electors: Mrs. Jacqueline Tupou, Alaska

One letter, one elector. "Dear Electors" is collection of letters written to the 2016 Republican electors. Read the full series here.

Dear Mrs. Tupou,

Thank you for giving your service to our country by taking part in this critical step in our democratic process, and for taking the time to read this letter. As a fellow Christian, I’m very happy to know that one of the individuals representing our country in the electoral college is someone who believes strongly in the ideals of family, love, and kindness. I was also raised to treat others with respect and compassion, regardless of their gender, race, or sexuality, for we are all the children of God.

I wanted to reach out to you regarding President-elect Donald Trump. I am deeply concerned that he lacks the compassion and empathy needed to lead our country. President-elect Trump has had multiple divorces and affairs, as well as charges of sexual assault brought against him. He has described our Hispanic brothers and and sisters as “rapists” and “drug-dealers.” He wants to prevent thousands of refugees, most of whom are mothers and children, from entering our country and instead leave them to suffer in unspeakable conditions. When asked about the humanitarian crisis in Aleppo during a debate, President-elect Trump stated that “Aleppo was beyond saving,” but such an attitude condemns millions of children to death. President-elect Trump has also called for a “permanent ban” on Muslims entering the country, and refused to speak out on the increase in hate crimes committed against Muslim-Americans since his election. This persecution against Muslim-Americans reminds me of the persecution the Christian settlers faced in their own countries before they immigrated to America, or the persecution the Mormons faced before they bravely traveled out west. The cornerstone of American democracy rest within families, but President-elect Trump’s immigration policies threaten to tear hundreds of thousands of families apart. As someone who aspires to be a mother, I’m worried about what effect growing up in Trump’s America might have on my future children. I worry about a country where our youth will be taught to fear instead of love their neighbors.

The great State of Alaska does have a law stating that members of the electoral college are bound to vote the way their party asks them to vote. However, many constitutional scholars agree that this sort of law is an undue burden on an elector’s free agency, and that if a court were to examine the matter, this sort of law would be struck down as unconstitutional. As you so beautifully stated in one of your articles, “It has been said that the door of history turns on small hinges and so do people’s lives. The choices we make determine our destiny.” I ask you, for the destiny of our children, for the destiny of our families, and for the destiny of our country, please do not vote for President-elect Donald Trump on December 19th.

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