Dear Electors: A Unified Approach Is Crucial

Myriad voices make up the movement responding to the 2016 U.S. Presidential Crisis. "Dear Electors" is a series of letters to the Electoral College submitted by UFA readers and volunteers.

Democrats hold out hope there is an Electoral College strategy that would result in Hillary Clinton's election.  After conferring with Constitutional and Electoral College scholars, legal experts and Electors themselves, I join the conclusion that there are not enough Electoral College votes from Republican Electors to achieve this.

Others hold out hope that current legal attempts showing that it is unconstitutional to force Electors to vote along party lines will prevail.

If these legal attempts are unsuccessful within the next several days, the only rational and unified strategy is to encourage Democratic Electors not to vote for Hillary Clinton but for a moderate Republican.

It is crucial to understand that Electors are Constitutionally allowed to vote their conscience, and that state laws binding Electors to their Party are de facto unconstitutional.

To the Republican Electors, please abstain or vote for a moderate Republican.

To the Democratic Electors, Hillary will not prevail in an Electoral vote. By voting for a moderate Republican, this is an unprecedented opportunity to illustrate to fellow Democratic and Republican Electors and to the nation that this is the most rational and unified strategy for the Electors to identify a qualified individual for the Presidency.

You know, our country, and the world knows -- you face a crucial decision on Monday, December 19. From a Constitutional perspective, please understand the Constitution is very clear: Electors are federal officers, and cannot be punished by state law for exercising their judgment.

If you decide to vote outside of your party's wishes, please remember that you have rights and that pro bono legal advice and action are available to you before the election as well as on the day of the election.

I support Electors Trust, the organization Lawrence Lessig founded to
provide pro bono legal assistance to Electors.

I support Hamilton Electors, Electoral College members who are
encouraging fellow members to vote their conscience.

I support Unite for America, advocating a unified strategy among
Republican and Democratic members of the Electoral College.

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