Hamilton Electors ally with Unite For America

  • Democratic Elector Polly Baca to host private conference call for Electors to explore “Unity Candidate” strategy

  • Elector Art Sisneros resigns from Electoral College, first Republican Elector to speak out in protest of Trump

The Hamilton Electors, a group including members of the Electoral College working to organize with Republicans to support an alternative to Trump, have allied with Unite For America, a national multi-partisan grassroots network of anti-Trump organizers formed in the wake of the 2016 general election.

The new alliance signals an historically unified, patriotic push from voices across the country and political spectrum to put the Electoral College “in play” as intended by the Founders to prevent a Trump presidency. Both groups share the mission of identifying an adequately qualified, more moderate “Unity candidate” to replace Trump this December 19th when the Electoral College votes. If this new Republican option can help bring the Republican electoral vote count for Trump below 270, the decision will then fall to the Republican-controlled House of Representatives where a combination of bi-partisan votes can bring a Republican-led “unity government” into existence for the good of the nation.

Candidates proposed by the Unite For America movement include 2016 Republican Presidential candidate John Kasich, 2012 Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney, and Independent Michael Bloomberg.

The partnership also follows a new statement released on Sunday by Republican Elector Art Sisneros, announcing his resignation from the Electoral College in protest of Donald Trump. This heroic first stand makes Sisneros the first Republican Elector to publicly speak out against President-Elect Trump’s lack of qualifications.

“Sisneros’ announcement is a clear indicator that the wall is beginning to crumble,” says Bret Chiafolo, co-founder of the Hamilton Electors. “Americans of conscience are beginning to heed the call to unite against this unprecedented threat to our country.” 

Next steps announced by the movement include:

  1. Democratic Elector Polly Baca, a member of the Hamilton Electors, also announces a private conference call open to all members of the Electoral College interested in exploring a strategy to elect a “Unity Candidate.” She hopes that her Democratic Elector colleagues will consider this option in the event that recount efforts are not successful. Electors interested in participating in the conference should email Baca at All correspondence will be kept strictly confidential.
  2. Unite For America calls on all Americans interested in stopping Trump to show their support to both the Electoral College and congressional representatives by signing the official petition here.

With much exciting and substantive movement for this historic initiative going on behind the scenes, expect additional updates to be released each day at and on Facebook.

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