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A new Dawn for American Politics.


Unite for America is a post-partisan grassroots action network formed in the wake of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Crisis.

While we may differ in political views, our members are committed to three core issues: cleaning up our elections, moving beyond partisan culture to pave the way for innovative solutions, and upholding traditional American values of liberty, justice, and equality for all.

OUR MISSION » Using headline-grabbing tactics and powerful coalitions to transcend party lines, we help forward-thinking local activists and national organizers mobilize their communities leading up to the 2017 local elections, 2018 midterm elections, and beyond.

A new dawn for American politics is on the horizon.

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On December 19, tens of thousands of Americans united across the political spectrum for demonstrations in all 50 state capitals in an unprecedented display of disapproval of the 2016 election. This spring, join the movement of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents working together in a groundbreaking series of mass political actions to rebuild our parties and demand election reform.



On January 20 Donald Trump will be sworn into office, marking the beginning of a dangerous new era of un-American government.

Create a group of 5-10 friends and family who will contact elected officials with you, infiltrate local town hall meetings, and put media attention on our politicians to create meaningful change in our elections. Connect with others in your area interested in doing the same by signing up here.

UFA is planning nationwide sustained actions with partners leading up to the 2017 local elections to pave the way for 2018 midterms.



Beginning in 2017, UFA will launch a tidal wave of nationwide mass political actions to force elected officials to enact election reform and confront the failures in our political system that enabled the U.S. Presidential Crisis.

Our demands: Rank voting nationwide, improved ballot access, and term limits on Congress. There is more that can be done, but winning just these three changes will automatically empower to new, independent, and/or third-party candidates, instead of forcing Americans to choose between elite party insiders and incumbent politicians in our elections.

Nearly half of all voters stayed home on election day in 2016, a 20-year low. Russian DNC hacking may have contributed to a 2% boost for Trump among Catholics in key battleground states. Through a series of highly organized direct actions in public space, demonstrators will visualize data from our elections and raise awareness about issues ranging from media malpractice to the systemic failures in our election system and establishment parties. Politicians and the public will not be able to look away.

Our politics have to change, and so do our protests. Workshops are now underway. Email partner@uniteforamerica.org for more information if your organization is interested in getting involved.